3 Quotes About the Cross

In his book, Living the Cross-Centered Life, C.J. Mahaney encourages Christians to never let a significant period of time go by where they aren’t learning about and reflecting on the cross of Jesus Christ. The cross is central to our faith and relationship with God — without it, we would still be separated from God. With that thought in mind, here are three quotes about the cross found in the book. Take a moment to meditate on these today:

  • “The glory of the gospel is this: The one from whom we need to be saved is the one who has saved us.” — R.C. Sproul
  • “Until you see the cross as that which is done by you, you will never appreciate that it is done for you.” — John Stott
  • “The cross is the heart of the gospel; it makes the gospel good news. Christ died for us; He has stood in our place before God’s judgment seat; He has borne our sins. God has done something on the cross which we could never do for ourselves. But God does something to us as well as for us through the cross. He persuades us that He loves us.” — Sinclair Ferguson

The cross is where the perfect justice of God meets the unstoppable love of God. When you feel tempted to doubt God’s love for you, remember the cross where Jesus died to take away your sin and restore you to God.

I hope these quotes encourage you!

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