A New Start

Welcome to the new online home for my thoughts!

It’s been a crazy past few months moving from North Carolina to Vancouver, WA. Now that things have slowed down during COVID-19, I’ve got some time to return to something I’ve thought about for awhile: blogging.

When I first started to blog, I was about to graduate from college and begin interning at a church. I wanted to find a way to practice sharing my thoughts and experiences, but life got busy and I found other avenues to pursue those goals. I was involved in ministries where I was teaching, leading, and creating content on a weekly basis, which filled that creative outlet for awhile. Since my original blog, I’ve worked at two different churches, I got married, launched a student ministry at a church plant, and moved to the West Coast.

During those years of gaining experience, going to seminary, and having conversations with other leaders and peers, there have been times where I’ve wanted to think through or contribute my thoughts on various topics, but didn’t have the place to do it. So that’s what I hope for this platform to be: a chance to share my ideas on ministry, theology, and connecting the truth of the God’s Word to every day life. I’m passionate about helping people find and follow Jesus, and have some life experiences that I believe could be helpful to others.

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